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We Offer

 Accounting treatment of business documentation in accordance with:

  Accounting Law, MSFI, Rulebook for micro and other legal entities

  Law on Personal Income Tax 

  Other laws, regulations, decrees and rulebooks governing Accounting  

✓  Keeping analytical records: fixed assets register, annual amortisation, customers, suppliers  

  Loan and Leasing records - taking, payment of principal in installments, interest expenses

  Accounting entry of domestic and foreign currency statements (payment transactions)


  Calculation of Value Added Tax, preparation and submission of VAT returns

  Calculation of Corporate Income Tax

  Calculation of Tax on rent of movable and immovable property

  Keeping Tax records

  Communication with competent Tax institutions

  Final Annual Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, P&L, Statistical Annex, Tax Balance, etc.

You Get

  Maximum cost reduction

✓  Guarantee on VAT calculation. Huge VAT savings

✓  By calculating the payroll Tax wisely, we save at least 100.000 RSD

✓  We graduated from the Faculties of Finance. Educated for this job

  Three Certified Accountants. The highest standards in our industry

✓  Huge experience. More than 20 years in Accounting and Taxation

✓  We use the cutting edge technology available in the field of Accounting

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